Top 10 LMS Vendors

With hundreds of Learning Management System (LMS) solutions out there, it can feel overwhelming to try and decide which option to choose. Deciding which option is the “best” depends on factors such as budget, features you need, and if you want to use it in an educational or business environment.
I am going to make your decision easier and list 10 of the best LMS systems available currently. I tended to favor free options over paid, and more well known and proven solutions over newer.

1) Moodle – Moodle gets number 1 spot because its free, its been around since 2002 so it’s well established. Its flexible. You can set it up for education or business. It has built in testing, grading, class room and certification management. It also has plugins available to add extra features you might need.

2) Edmoto – Edmoto is focused on education. As a teacher, once you sign up at their website you can create classrooms and give the access code to your students to be able to login to your classes. Edmoto is also free and has built in grading, but its features are much more stripped down and simplified that something like Moodle.

3) Colaborize Classroom – An educational focused LMS but not so much for grading or testing. Its purpose is more of an online discussion platform. As a teacher you present an idea for students to discuss and you get charts and graphs of how students answered so that classroom discussion about it later is easy to direct.

4) Blackboard – Blackboard is very versatile platform usable for business or education. While it is a very powerful tool it can have a little bit higher learning curve and many users might not want to bother with that because of easier options that exist that can do the same things as blackboard. If getting your hands a little dirty setting it up doesn’t scare you, give blackboard a try.

5) Schoology – Schoology aims to streamline the tools teachers use into one program. It features grading,calender, and a discussion forum that looks very similar to facebook. It can also be used for business, though it has a very strong educational leaning.

6) Cornerstone Learning Cloud – Focused on employee training. It does have quiz features,and lets you display a variety of media formats for your training materials. There are also some premade quiz templates available to speed up deployment.

7) Canvas – Focused largely on k-12 or university education. Canvas is a newer LMS compared to some of the other options out there, but it has all the same features you can expect from a full featured LMS with testing, grading, calendar and so on. A free 2 week trial is available.

8) Brightspace – One of the oldest LMS on this list, it is usable for business or education and has many of the standard tools for both, it didn’t make higher on the list because of only having a 30 day free option and fewer extra features than some of the free options available.

9) TOPYX LMS – Another well established LMS usable for business or education and the choice used by plenty of large, well known companies for their training. However, while powerful, TOPYX will cost you $22,500 a year so it is definitely not for everyone. A free demo is available.


Another well established LMS usable for business or education and the choice used by plenty of large, well known companies for their training.

10) Litmos LMS – Suitable for business or education, but has more of a business leaning to it. It is one of the newer products on this list and has pretty much all the features you can expect a LMS would include. It starts at $299 a month and goes up to $1,499 for the “platinum” package that supports more users and extra features the lower tiers don’t include.